Most Recent Meeting Notes

09/17/11 Met at John and Jen’s Call to Order: 6:20 pm -Approved minutes from previous meeting -Reviewed Treasurer’s Report -Business Cards -Jen to order from local printer, will get more quotes first -Patches -Steve to follow-up -T-Shirts -Shirts were received with new logo! -Show Low -Ride is this Saturday, motel has left entire building available for our group - West side meet at 67 & McDowell, East side at 32nd St & Roosevelt - 2012 Christmas Event - Date set for 12/17/11 – Saturday - Smaller event this year - Steve to contact Crisis Nursery - Jen to contact Homeward Bound - Steve to confirm donations from cigar club - Steve to contact WalMart regarding photos with Santa as fundraiser - Louise to make 2 contacts with WalMart for grants -Casino Night 2012 - Date set for March 3, 3012 - Saturday - Location to be set Steve to speak with Mike about warehouse Steve to speak with John about location Backup locations possibly Elks Lodge - Jen to contact Casino rental companies - Event will be promoted for all, not just bikers Upcoming Events: - CRAAZ Bike Night at Padre Murphy’s 9/28 - CRAAZ Christmas Event 12/17 - Casino Night 3/3 - AZ Bike Week 3/23 – 4/1 - Cesar Chavez day Annual CRAAZ ride – 3/31 going to Tombstone - Laughlin River Run 4/25 -29, CRAAZ to go 4/27 – 29 (Fri-Sun) Kids Club raised $24~ Next Meeting: 10/29, host TBD Meeting Adjourned: 7:11 pm

08/27/11 CRAAZ Meeting Minutes Met at Steve’s Call to Order: 6:15 pm

-Approved minutes from previous meeting -Reviewed Treasurer’s Report -Business Cards -Original order had several errors, will be returning -Will order from local printer with logo and verbiage changes -Patches -Cost will be approximately $25 each with small orders -T-Shirts -Working on screen and waiting for estimate, should have w/in a week -October Casino Ride -No responses from Casinos, ride is canceled -Padre Murphy’s this Wednesday -Show Low -Day’s Inn is booked -Pool will be open late -Band is undetermined, up to bar owner -Set meet-up locations -CRAAZ needs fundraiser this year for Christmas event, all ideas are welcome -Casino Night 2012 to be on Agenda for September Meeting Next Meeting: 09/17 Tom to host Meeting Adjourned: 7:27 pm

07/23/11 Met at Jen & John’s Call to Order: 6:26 pm -Approved minutes from previous meeting -Reviewed Treasurer’s Report -Discussed logo - new design was chosen - will have 8” patches - logo on front of shirt, patch design on back - fire logo for business cards and front of shirt - Steve to get quotes for patches -October Casino Ride -Steve will confirm donations from Casinos, having difficulty getting responses -Padre Murphy’s this Wednesday -Show Low -Steve to block Days Inn again, check on entertainment -CRAAZ Kids Club -collected $23 -Sturgis Trip in 2013, CRAAZ will have 7 day event -Katelynn Stinnett update -No event ran in AZ this year Next Meeting: 08/27 Steve to host Meeting Adjourned: 7:15 pm